Sunday, August 6, 2017

These Things

These things I'm thankful for;

God's gifts on earth that we share.

The majesty of His handiwork;

Esteemed beyond compare.

Frail words cannot express,

Nor lowly anthems exclaim

Thy great omnipotence, freely giv'n.

We are humbled before Your name.

I pray for the will to live by Thy Word.

With grateful and penitent heart.

And with my mouth I shall sing Thy praises:

"My God How Great Thou Art!"

These things I'm thankful for;

The gift of Jesus on earth.

Our souls redeemed through His living Word,

And the miracle of His birth.

I lay my burdens down

And rest my wearisome load.

God takes my hand as He beckons me

Within His safe abode.

And in His arms I pour,

My strength, my life and my all.

With calm assurance, He bears me up.

God's love will not let me fall.

Upon the Solid Rock I stand,

Relieved and refreshed within.

My life, I willingly dedicate,

As He takes away my sin.

And so with grateful heart,

I count my blessings o'er.

God's strength and grace, His unfailing love;

These things I am thankful for.

~Deb Spaulding 8/09

(Used with permission)