Friday, July 14, 2017

Some Earnest Word

These orange lilies dotted our lawns in circular beds around trees when we moved here.  They grow wild along the roadsides and on the banks of the creek, along with the ferns.  I didn't plant these but they have moved into my garden and settled there in abundance!  It is interesting to note that the lily buds are delicately delicious, even snipped raw into salads or frittered. 

If thou dost bid thy friend farewell,
But for one night though that farewell may be,
Press thou his hand in thine.
How canst thou tell how far from thee
Fate or caprice may lead his steps ere that tomorrow comes?
Men have been known lightly to turn the corner of the street
And days have grown to months,
And months to lagging years, ere they
Have looked in loving eyes again."
~ ~ ~
"Yea find thou always time to say some earnest word
Between the idle talk, lest with thee, henceforth,
Night and day, regret should walk."
--Coventry Patmore